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They hugged and then Jared was ordered back behind the curtain.

That could raise lots of money for the homeless, the hurricane victims, AIDS, pick a desparate group. And Jared, has done this before, even recently. Free nude photos and videos of hot and sexy girls. Naked pictures of jensen ackles. Which means a lot of the fans don't notice the signs. HATE the tv show. I love that thanks to my time zone I was able to read this before the new episode.

You should make one about Tom Hiddleston. I have never seen a man this hot i mean i would kill to see him take off his shirt and what kind of person doesn't LOVE his eyes. So either they're really really enjoying it, or they're indeed trying to tell us something. He mentioned in a french interview that since moving in with Jared, he Jared is always harassing him for sexual favors I do find the idea of the two Js hot. Best wishes to them. Cara delevingne naked pics. One thing…What happened to Dean?

Since it's after midnight, making today July The angst storyline about Jensen being closeted and having unrequited feelings for Jared sounds like fiction found in the Padacklesrps community in LJ. Yeah, it worked out kinda nice because I bought a house last year you know, and uhm he was living at a place he was renting with from?

That really means nothing when it comes to PR and photo ops Anyways, the poor heiffer who spread the rumor on ontd got a call from Sandy McCoy which led her to retract the rumor. I get the sense that one way or another, Jensen has a big dick.

After all, sharing is caring. I never saw the Supernatural show but I just saw Jensen for the first time on a Dark Angel rerun and he's a lot cuter on TV than any of the pictures I've seen.

They are both good actors who work really well together. We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. If they joke, it's because it's not serious, not an attempt to make fun at others expense. We had something to fell back on though. Yep is an asshole queen on the rag. How is it any different from any other celeb fantasy?

OMG I have been watching all seven seasons of supernatural besides how much the whole ghost thing freaks me out they are absolutely the hottest actors to ever have been put together love them both.

So, here's a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the things we appreciate most about Jensen Ross Ackles. Wpt girls nude. All that may be true R except the part about them making 'jack shit'.

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But, you know, you could be a little bit calmer less rude as well.

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I think he's fug. The two really do share a house Jared's. Laci kay somers nude snapchat. The whole interview is great - they really tease each other a lot ;- I really love Jared describing the morning routine - how he gets up early and works out or runs his dogs while all Jensen does is roll his pretty ass out of bed and primp in front of the mirror ;- See link for the BuddyTV interview.

I just read that there will be another sex scene for one of the boys in 4. I really, really hate on-screen gore of the special effects type very graphic, lots of blood, you know the one. Of course that was before all the incidents with crazy fangirls. Naked pictures of jensen ackles. News flash to the faithful Jensen is badass I am watching the finale right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also mentioned that Jensen likes to make late nite calls after he has been asleep for a while.

The tinhats, as we discovered earlier this year, were almost entirely straight women with, shall we say, issues, who liked to imagine their favorite male co-stars in elaborate sexual involvements with one another. He shoots them lovingly, paying attention to their faces. What are Sam's and Dean's middle names? Actually, if you are going to go the closet route, this is the way to go. Lesbian party tube. HE can actually act, which in itself is a complete surprise.

What straight guy obsesses that much on joking about his buddy being gay unless he's gay himself. R - you're tired. I don't even know who these two are but they are fucking gay I think it's pretty normal to fantasize about two hot guys who obviously have a close friendship. We've always got along, you know we got along from day one so I think we realized, listen we're spending so much time together.

It looked weird for some reason. I really adore him! You wake up with your junk stapled to a table. I know coz i am gay. I think Jared has a big dick also. Hey Monique and Michael! I used to think Jared was innocent and naive because I guess I assumed he was like the character Sam he plays, but in real life he seems to be a naughty boy. I agree with you. Sexy naked mature women tumblr. That scene is in the episode. Look at him dancing around like an idiot behind Jensen here:. Dear Lena, It is true.

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