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Naked celebrity wallpaper

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She sits on my lap and tell me she feels uncomfortable about it and asks if I could disable the widget. Beach nude girls images. I always come running to the screen so I can see and make fun of the scene. I did have an ex-boyfriend who had a sexy photo of Scarlett Johansson on his huge computer monitor.

Traci Lords Porn princess presents her peaks. I'm not one of the people downvoting you, because you're expressing your honest opinion, but I'm just honestly shocked. Naked celebrity wallpaper. Yes I find it creepy. To me, I admit this is not necessairly fair, it is a sign of lack of imagination and absence of common interest. Ashley Hinshaw Baby-faced blonde bares boobs.

I think it's inappropriate to invade someone's space enough to see their desktop wallpaper and actively look at it and judge it and them for having it. I've had wallpapers before of sexy classy ladies, and my boyfriend's wallpaper is usually women.

I know he likes redheads the most, and it used to bother me. Suicide squad harley quinn nude. There's more to life than sex, I already know you like that part. Nice pictures of beautiful clothed ladies? One of my guy friends In their 20s has it and it makes me a little uncomfortable.

I agree, that post came off as very shallow and judgmental. Click the letters to navigate our celeb index or enjoy our daily picture and movie galleries! Everyone knows but him that only alcoholics do that. I don't see the appeal of wanting that kind of stimulation on a device that you look at several times a day.

I might assume she's your gf or something. It's no better or worse than any other subject. Just realised this is AskWomen, not AskReddit I sometimes use wallpapers of men or women that I find attractive, so it doesn't really bother me if a man does. Like Starbuck, Leia, or Inara doing something badass that is simultaneously sexy. It deff lowers my opinion of a guy, especially if they're not teenagers anymore. If it is a face-focused, more artistic photo, it gives off a different vibe than some nudie pic that teenagers and truck drivers favor.

Naked celebrity wallpaper

Whether you are a woman or a man, please do not speak for all women. In general, it seems poorly calculated. They will always hate you for thinking differently. Anime lesbian kiss. I don't think it's a horrible, evil thing to do; I just feel like the people around me have outgrown it. I don't see how it's objectification. No graceless posts or comments generalizing gender.

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I open up the Maps app, or show them some stats from MapMyRoute running app. Something is not right here. Young big boobs lesbian. I also kind of assume the type a guy who likes to stare at naked women constantly is going to also be the kind of guy to send creepy naked pictures of himself to women as flirting.

Maybe a guy find her songs inspirational. Luckily I didn't say what was really on my mind. Everyone knows that you don't need that at 11 a. I had this one distinctively dark background wallpaper, but then had this picture widget at the top right of my screen that alternated the pictures of women every now and then none nude. But it does affect the way I think of you. Realistically this would be a photo I'd consider having as the wallpaper of my phone, providing it didn't clutter up my screen, blahblahblah.

Maybe this says something about our experiences with these kinds of guys, because many of the guys I know that sport wallpapers like this are in the military, are police officers, or firefighters. I work in a phone shop and I see a lot of these and I think it is a bit weird, especially when you have porn open in the browser and need me to fix your internet. Hot korean lesbian sex. Naked celebrity wallpaper. I like seeing an attractive guy when I close my browser - why is it immature or tacky for a guy to enjoy the same?

About how you post it: I included the photo in question in the edit of my original post; there's a lot of exposed leg, but no where near the playboy style. I can understand you being okay with it because you relate to it. What's wrong with some eye candy? We are sexual creatures by nature. Likely won't be seeing that guy again if it's a first impression.

I know he likes redheads the most, and it used to bother me. But of course I'm not running around with wallpapers of him half naked, that's for sure. The problem comes in when the main purpose of the wallpaper is to tingle your jimmies. On the other hand, I have never met a guy with such a background who wasn't at least a moderate asshole.

I would also find it off-putting if a female friend had a beefcake picture of a man as her background. I did and I never enabled it again.

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Your window into the female mind. Xxx pussy boobs. That said, I have never seen a grown man with wallpaper of women on his phone or computer! No offense to the guy who posted Taylor Swift, but if I saw a guy with that desktop I would kinda assume he was immature. You are basically forcing whoever sees your phone to look at an image you find sexually arousing or appealing in some way. I think guys should grow up if they're looking for a "real" girl to hit it off with.

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I find it strange and offputting. The picture seems pretty innocuous except those shoes. I mean, it comes up sometimes, but it's not a preferred topic. Supergirl naked pics. Naked celebrity wallpaper. Want to add to the discussion?

Even if the image is not overtly sexual, if my choice in wallpaper is influenced by how sexually attracted I am to the subject of the photo, maybe that's not entirely healthy.

I feel the same way about people with pictures of exotic cars as their desktop background. Sexy female muscle nude A face pic of someone who could be a friend or actress or whatever is different to me than a clearly sexualized [even if clothed, but still titillating] photo, personally.

Sure, she had a very supportive family, but she really took responsibility for her own success. Every little girl who ripped a page out of a magazine of her favourite teen heartthrob, or has a poster of an actor, must be a bad, disrespectful, dumb, boring, sexist person. I found this out when I tried to call my mother from his phone and her boobies were all like It could as well be a picture of an unassuming broadway singer, sports star, or MLK,Jr on the desktop.

I had a long talk with him at one point about how I don't appreciate being objectified in front of his friends and strangers and he understands it.

While men can still offer input, if your view conflicts with a woman's, we ask that you do not downvote or invalidate her response.

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