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I'm average build and size, 5ft 6" and a size 10 - I've never had the teasing or constant staring that many women with large boobs complain of. I love my body now as an adult, but these guys are more than out of the norm for my frame if you get my drift. Escort & massage. Naked 36c boobs. I hope one day we will all be able to love and appreciate the bodies we were given.

I think I need to test your hot booty…. I have a boyfriend of four months who I have plainly refused to let him see them. Keep up the liberating work. It gets me down alot. I sometimes wish they were a little bigger, but I'm not concidering implants. Your boobs are too small for your body NOT a C but they are nicely shaped and nice nipples. Bridgette b lesbian video. Although this site has helped me to realize that I am more normal than I thought, I still can barely look at them without feeling like crying.

My breasts are asymetrical right breast is much larger than the lefthairy I have PCOSmy nipples point in different directions, my areolas are huge, I have a lot of space in between my breasts and I have stretch marks.

I should be out, having fun and clubbing, wearing skimpy tops but instead I need to find bras that I can stuff with padding to make them appear more even without it beign too noticable. I am an extremely extraverted, outgoing, positive, loving person - except when I am by myself - which I like to be by myself most often. They're not perfect, but that's perfectly fine with me.

Rekshun on December 18, I have always been self conscious about them. I have always been extremely self conscious of of my breasts and have been seriously considering a breast lift and augmentation. One breast waxed, other pre-wax.

I have had several partners, none of whom have ever commented on their appearance, but as the years go by I find I like them less and less. I have spent a long time standing in the mirror wishing that my body looked different, I am pledging to spend at least that much time being thankful for the body I have.

After years of feeling not like a "real woman" due to their size, I'm now on my way to accept them as they are. Albertk1 on May 26, This site has been inspirational to me though and I feel that by looking at all of these healthy women, I'll be able to learn something and perhaps begin to accept my body as it is. My left breast is slightly bigger than my right and the areola on my left breast is also bigger.

Maternal aunt also is small chested. When I was a kid I looked forward to having large breasts someday, until my mother had breast implants and I realized how weird it was to focus so much on breast size. I developed early, first bra at 12 and was so embarrassed, no-one else had to wear one!

Thank you for your site, it made a big difference in my life! Whenever I focus too much on my chest I try to refocus and be grateful for good health, because that is something I take for granted when I despair about my appearance. And if I hadn't started electrolysis five years ago, I would probably have a full beard - dark and thick.

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I've got curvy body with a defined waist, but I've always been a little self conscious about my small breasts. It's a terrible feeling. Fat pussy sexy girls. They also have large veins on the tops, although you can't really see it in this picture. I've always been comfortable with my breasts, and in fact I love them quite a bit. I have always wanted bigger breasts when I was growing up.

I think all the pictures in the media and in movies of perfect breasts have made girls like me feel like we are inadequate because ours don't look like that. I wear a NU-Bra underneath my bathing suit tops - that is when I dare to wear a bathing suit. I can pass as a very attractive and shapely feminine woman - I do admit that I am a "head turner", but I am a completely different person underneath these clothes and without the make-up.

Thanks for your website. I have had several partners, none of whom have ever commented on their appearance, but as the years go by I find I like them less and less. I don't wear make-up to get all dolled up but to simply cover my acne. Big ass cartoon girls. Caucasian of western and northern European stock, 60 years of age, 30 pounds overweight, never married, was never suckled.

I'm insecure when a man says to me, "You are a beautiful girl", because I think "If I show him my breasts, he will find me horrible! I'm 5'-4", pounds, which is technically obese. Naked 36c boobs. I am now 24 and in the last 10 years my weight has fluctuated drastically. I've always been a normal weight, more on the skinny side.

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I am very happy with having small breasts, I have heard a lot of complaints from my large-busted friends about men staring at them all the time. I am 31, never been pregnant. No one but me has ever seen my naked breasts, but I know if the opportunity ever comes I will have a really hard time letting anyone see them.

My breasts do not vary too much according to my weight. Easy to operate under the assumption that I'm the only one on earth who's dissatisfied with my breasts and body. One breast waxed, other pre-wax. Lesbians licking feet and pussy. So I risk giving my flat chest the power to crush my self-esteem and impact my relationships negatively by making me avoid certain social situations and activities. My mother never taught me how to properly wear a bra, so for a few awkward years I was wearing all the wrong bras two sizes too small with an underwire, if you can imagine, and they gave my boobs quite a cruel sag and I believe the material irritated the nipple.

They arent perfect and at times they leave me mortified, especially my nipples. I try to be happy with, and proud of my body. I don't like to take my shirt or bra off anymore. However, my breasts are small.

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